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Work time accounting is important in any enterprise, large or small. It helps rising efficiency and competitive edge.

According to Proudfoot more than third of working time is being wasted without result. Half of the time losses are blamed on wrong planing and processes management, 30% more dues to lack of necessary control over the personnel, the other 20% result of low motivation and education of workforce.

The software provides:

  • control and accounting of working time
  • lowering total salary budget paying only for time really worked
  • providing every employee with customized work schedule (fixed, shifts, sliding etc) also accounting overtime and other custom situations
  • easier gathering of information from branches
  • lowering possibility of human errors and manipulation
  • Automatically generate reports of worked time noting presence of personnel on their workplaces, removing manual work for those reports

Original information is usually gathered by access control system on the enterprise, but it can also be entered manually depending on internal tules of the enterprise.

We offer different technical solutions for accounting working time depending on specialities of enterprise (including management options), earlier installed hardware and software. We offer cost effective solutions using time accounting terminals. dAccess Report software can use data from existing access control system or work together with dAccess system.

dAccess Report

Software generates reports on actual worked time based on entry/exit events (reader, card, date, time). For example, if employee arrived at workplace 8:56 and left 17:49, worked time is 8:53.

In real life employees can leave premises of enterprise numerous times and return numerous times as well as arrive/leave outside working time- like before the working time. Every enterprise has its own policy regarding work time management for employees of different levels. Requirements on being at workplace during particular time can be very different for top management, sales managers and employees.

Employees don't arrive at work in time (including cases without justification), get sick, leave for vacations, take days off, leave in business trips etc. In fact, main target for reports system- comparing really worked time with schedule for particular employee and release information which would suit top management, accounting and chiefs of departments.

Employees register their arrival and leave. Therefore, raw DAccess information collected from equipment (readers) only provides confirmation of employees placement at his/her workplace. Usually enterprise has responsible personnel with rights to enter corrections into system- justifying information on reasons why employees are not present. It is very responsible work connected to salary calculation- for that reason all changes are logged.

In reality correction are being entered at later date. For example, employee missed work on Thursday and Friday, but provided doctors note on Monday- in such case 2 missed working days are changed to sick leave when calculating salary. Same process is used for business trips, lunch breaks (if not clearly defined in internal rules), allowed late arrivals.

When employee is present at work, his status and salary can also change depending on are the given hours usual, overtime, night work, work during weekend/holidays etc.

This way dAccess Reports module allows not just checking reports on time worked, but also enter basic information on work schedules, correct worked hours and control how real worked time correlates to planned one. The type of corrections and responsible employees are usually decided by internal policies of the enterprise.


Some software screenshots

Summary report 

Work time accounting graph

Registrations report

Work schedules and work groups