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Baltic Information & Security Systems
Address: Slokas 13a, Riga, LV-1048, Latvia
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Systems & Solutions Video surveillance systems

Currently video surveillance systems became a mandatory element of  security system, allowing to minimize expenses on security guards along with highly efficient security. Such systems provide surveillance, refistration, object recognition, given response to an emergency situation, communicating through the internet or LAN.

We offer wide range of videosurveillance systems and equipment for objects like state offices, banks, office centers, shopping malls, enterprises, houses, parkings, apartments. Systems allow to survey, record events, recognize objects and preprogram system reactions to non-standard situations. Accordingly to our customers terms and condition, we also provide:
  • development;
  • assembly;
  • system installation.
 A list with some of our clients may be found here.


IP video cameras   Video servers
IP video cameras   Video servers


Hardware and software for video systems construction can be found in our WEB-shop

Digital IP-videocameras are acting as video servers with web interface, they provide many additional options- video recording, event generation, data traffic management, videoanalytics. Quality and resolution of IP cameras (up to 10mpix) are much higher comparing with classic analogue cameras.

Analog cameras
provide surveillance in bad lighting, are not overlighting sensitive. Can be very small.

Digital Video Recorders (Surveillance DVR) provide high quality recording, are easy to use and flexibly programmable on certain events. DVR design may be either a specialized device or a computer with specialized card and software. Some modern IP-cameras may have a built-in DVR.