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Parking management system FidPark-Car ensures excellent quality/price ratio, as well as lots of opportunities to attract customers - in particular, settling the accounts by the tenants  for "their" users, prepayment coupons, discounts on parking, tickets cancellations, various types of tickets.


FidPark-Car system parameters can be selected to provide the achievement of a certain goal in term of particular business perspective - for example, the maximum profit, free spaces availability.  At the shopping mall it is necessary to provide the flow of shoppers with parking, preventing long-term parking. At the office centre to ensure service for the employees and theirs visitors is necessary.

We provide consultations on the choice of optimal solutions, as well as on integration of FidPark with access control systems and video surveillance, as well as with the accounting systems of the enterprise.

Currently we offer FidPark family of systems that may control not only parking but also other products and services, allowing clients to pay at the cash desk, in vending machines or via mobile client. The customers may be identified via coupons with barcodes, contactless tags (cards, key chains, wristbands, stickers), cell phone, car number plate. have various payment options - advance payment, post-payment, event tickets, gift cards, long term tickets.

FidPark-Car software may be "tuned" for any business objective:

  • for maximum profit of parking lot,
  • for maximum throughput of the object the parking is nearby,
  • for maximum availability of free parking lots.

Automatic cashiers
FidPark is bundled with automatic cash desks according to needs of customer:
  • servicing different types of cards
  • certified fiscal module
  • graphical or text display
  • accepting coins and returning change
  • accepting bank notes
  • accepting bank cards
  • keyboard for antering PIN for bank card
  • receipt printing by choice
  • integrated communication means

FidPark management software installed on the server provides all the necessary features:

  • On-line management of all devices and its condition monitoring
  • Automatic registration and diagnosis of all events
  • Easiness to work with the customers database
  • Development and editing of the tariffs
  • Recognition of coupons / cards without entry (backout recognition)
  • Setting up of users access rights to various program functions
  • Statistic reports of events and payments
  • Automatic registration of operator actions
  • User interface in any language

Passes & vauchers

FidPark supports various means of identification, including contactless cards with readout distance from 5 cm up to 10 m (chosen depending of parking lots specificity), as well as single-time tickets and the cards with bar codes.

Single-time tickets are issued by pressing the button on the entry terminal upon entering the parking lot by car. The date and time of entry are printed on the ticket in the text form and two-dimensional bar code. Before leaving the ticket must be paid. Some customers can be given the opportunity to cancel their cards (to leave without payment), or get a discount.

 Subscriber’s card (a contactless card) of a long-term client is issued by the administrator or operator of the parking and it gives the right to enter and exit either 7/24 or only on certain days of the week and time of the day (time-zones). It is not allowed to enter out of time-zones, and for leaving the client has to pay extra in accordance with the tariff.
Prepaid card is used for the clients who use the parking regularly, but don’t have a subscription. The client makes pre-payment (deposit) and he can replenish it at any time. For every use of the parking lot an adequate amount is deducted from the client’s account.

Group tickets are used for regular parking lot use by some group (e.g. company employees). In this case any tickets quantity can be issued, but the total amount of cars at the parking lot cannot exceed the value set in the system for this particular group.

Event tickets allow single-time exit and entry only in the certain time period. If exit time is exceeded, the clients pay for the parking lot according to the tariff.  

Employee's contactless card is meant for use by the parking's employees. Card can have limits for certain days in different parking zones.

Service pass  is intended for use by employees and authorizes multiple entries and exits. Limitations of days for different parking zones are possible.

Operator card ensures the rights to manage manual and automatic cashiers.