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Baltic Information & Security Systems
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Systems & Solutions Automated services Parking management systems FidPark-Car

The parking management system FidPark-Car provides access and payment control for parking services, as well as for other goods and services with various payment options. The customer is identified via any combination of car licence plate numbers, bar coded paper tickets, contactless cards (RFID), mobile phone number. The pament options are - prepayment, deposits, event tickets, subscriptions, automatic payment by vehicle number or bank card.

System parameters could be adjusted to achieve the business goal - to maximize profit, to maximize parking capacity, or always have available lots. We provide FidPark integration with human access control, video surveillance systems, accountancy system.

We also offer economical solutions for staff parking lots, which provide a significant
installation and maintenance cost reduction.

Automatic cashiers
The system can be equipped with automatic paystations of various configurations. The cost-effective solution is automatic paystation, that accepts payment only by bank cards. Depending on configuration, the paystation can accept banknotes and/or coins, and issue change with banknotes and coins. In addition automatic paystation can be used also as a kiosk that can provide information to customers as well as accept payment for other services.  

FidPark control software

The FidPark system works in on-line mode under supervision of Server program. The software is operating in Windows environment. Depending on system reliability requirements, it can be located on a physical or virtual server, in the Cloud. In relatively simple systems, the program could be placed on one of the available computers (for example, in the paystation).

Special FidPark utilities provide system managament - registration of system users and regular customers, generation of various reports and many other functions.