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To identify the vehicle a variety of technologies can be used, in particular - recognizing its license plate by the video camera and LPR (License Plate Recognition) software.  In FidPark-LPR system the front number plate is fixed by the camera, recognized by the software and then stored in the database or is compared with the existing numbers in the database. For reliable 24/7 operation of the system it’s necessary to ensure stable level of ambient light in the areas of entry and exit.

Car license plate recognition as a replacement or addition to the commonly used contactless cards or tickets provides additional FidPark-LPR system functionality not  only for control of transport in parking lots, but also to automate the production and business processes related with freight and passenger transport:


  • At paid parking lots FidPark-LPR prevents entry on one vehicle and exit on another (with a different number).
  • No need to build islands for the terminals between entry and exit lanes of the parking lot.
  • In case of accidental or deliberate ticket loss (e.g., for the cases when parking fee is higher than the lost ticket penalty), it is possible to determine the date and time of entry, as well as subsequent parking cost. This is especially in demand for parking at the terminals, airports, etc.
  • When a vehicle enters to the enterprise or warehouse territory, its license plate is useful when loading / unloading, for queue systems, for documents preparation and the check-out.

All other features and capabilities of FidPark-LPR system coincide with the possibilities of FidPark and FidPark-Car.

For "usual" paid parking lots it’s not recommended to renounce tickets and contactless cards completely in favor of license numbers recognition. Not all customers will remember his car license plate, and this can lead to confusion and queues at payments and exits.

Cost of FidPark-LPR system largely depends on the number of analog or IP-cameras, as well as on the appropriate amount of the software licenses.